A Few Great Gift Ideas from the Visit Shawnee Shop


A couple of weeks ago, we talked about some of the fantastic gifts you can find here in town that are locally made and curated especially for visitors and residents, but did you know that Visit Shawnee has our own little gift shop? Whether you’re looking for Oklahoma-themed apparel or a special keepsake to keep the memories alive, our selection offers a little something for everybody.

 Rose Rocks

Found, cleaned, and processed by an Oklahoman native, the rose rocks we offer each carry a little piece of Oklahoma history. Formed from a mineral called barite, the rocks’ petal-shaped clusters are the result of crystals forming in the minerals. They also get their rich red color from the iron-stained quartz sand grains, resembling Oklahoma’s red earth. As Oklahoma’s official state rock, rose rocks are a popular collectible—and we offer bags of smaller rocks, as well as larger individual stones.

T Shirt

How about these lovely t-shirts? Their burnt orange comes from being dyed in Oklahoma soil to achieve their distinctive hue. The company that supplies these shirts, Okie Dirt, is run by a husband and wife who get their inspiration from the Oklahoman wilderness, and that inspiration bleeds into the apparel that they sell. We carry two of their styles, including one featuring a bison!

Speaking of bison, one of our newest additions is a unique watercolor painting that features the hairy animal done up in various colors. The artist, Meredith Bailey, had this to say about her work:


“I have always loved to incorporate movement into my artwork and I feel like keeping loose brushstrokes allows for some ‘flow’ in my paintings. My work ranges from watercolor to oil painting and I love to experiment with different structures, and the Bison Herd Series is a great example as they are all unique in structure and format but each correlate to the standard idea of a bison.” Her work is striking, and each piece has a unique look.

For those of you interested in local history, we also sell copies of “Images of America: Shawnee and Pottawatomie County” by Brad A. Holt. Something of a historical picture book, it tells the story of early Shawnee accompanied by black-and-white photos taken throughout the early twentieth century. Whether you’re a fan of old photographs or learning more about our city’s past, Holt’s book is sure to delight.

In addition to these items, we also carry a variety of water bottles, postcards featuring Shawnee landmarks and attractions, hats, and cutting boards. Plus, we’re keeping our eyes out for new items to stock, so it never hurts to swing by and see what’s new. Our gift shop is located at our visitor center, 231 N. Bell Ave, so stop by and say hello!

Posted by Visit Shawnee on 12/10/2018

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