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With the Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center in the middle of town, it’s no wonder we have so many great recurring events, from big to small, annual to monthly. One of its loveliest monthly guests is the Two Sisters Flea Market, which delivers both the charm and the curiosity familiar to the style of shop.

We reached out to the owners of the flea market, Brian & Krystle Ross, who were more than happy to tell us about their recent endeavors in bringing their vision to the Expo:

“My husband and I had this crazy idea to start our own flea market. We decided on the name ‘The Two Sisters’ after our two daughters. I have worked with Chris and Stephanie at the Expo Center in the past, and they were really excited about the opportunity to host a monthly event at their facility. And with that, we scheduled our very first flea market for July 2018 in Shawnee.”


It doesn’t feel like they only had their first event last year, but that speaks to the success that Brian and Krystle have found, as well as their dozens of recurring vendors:

“We started with about twenty-five vendors, and honestly didn't know what quite to expect. But, within five months we grew from twenty-five vendors to over eighty! The support that the folks in Shawnee and local areas have shown us has been overwhelming. Every show we meet new people that express their excitement about having a good ole fashioned flea market in Shawnee. But the vendors are really who keep our shoppers coming back. They are all so friendly, and knowledgeable about the products they sell. Their passion is contagious! We all look out for each other and are like one big family.”

Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun? A community of salespeople working together to help each other thrive. But all these vendors would be nowhere without the community of shoppers who keep coming back. What is so appealing about the flea market to Shawnee locals and visitors?


“Everyone loves to shop local, and support small businesses, and the Two Sisters Flea Market is the place to do it all! With products that are homemade, upcycled, vintage, repurposed, and unique—there is truly something for everyone.”

Maybe that’s not surprising. If you’ve ever visited a flea market, you’ll know it too: the curious finds you can’t get anywhere else. What sort of plans do the Rosses have for the future?

“It is because of the all the love and support we've been shown these last few months that we are excited to announce that beginning in 2019, not only will we be hosting our monthly flea market at the Expo Center, we will also be hosting a few craft shows! The people in Shawnee have blown us out of the water with their creativity so we decided that all of our crafters needed a unique and special place to show off all their products as well.”

Show dates can be found on their Facebook page, here. Visit Shawnee has also listed their monthly dates for the whole year, so you can visit our events calendar for more information.

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Posted by Visit Shawnee on 01/03/2019

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