Five Great Coffeehouses to Keep You Warm This Winter



Cold weather—love it or hate it, the temperatures will be dropping before we know it. And while many iced coffee aficionados will stick to their guns throughout the cooler months, it’s time for the rest of us to cut the cold brew and say yes to toasty beverages! From hot chocolate to black coffee to Oolong tea, there are countless drinks we enjoy and rely on for that warm, fuzzy feeling as those bracing Autumn winds return. So, what will YOU turn to as the weather changes? More importantly, what are your options? Here are a few brief profiles on each of our coffee shops here in town.

We would be remiss not to mention Starbucks Coffee Company, whose location has been a Shawnee staple for over ten years. Popular with Frappuccino freaks, Starbucks coffee beverages are sweet, creamy & satisfying. Their flagship PSL (pumpkin spice latte) has already launched; for something a little different, keep an eye out for maple pecan flavor. Coffee purists might even find something to enjoy in the recent release of the more espresso-forward Cordusio.

If you happen to be visiting SSM Health, the aptly named Espresso coffee shop will accommodate you during your stay. While they offer a variety of cold, hot, and frozen espresso beverages, they also carry smoothies, Italian sodas, and a variety of pastries and snacks. You don’t have to be a patient to enjoy the coffee shop. With free Wi-Fi, it’s a great place for students to get some work done.

Looking for a traditional coffeehouse experience on the south side of town? The Gathering Place offers espresso beverages, excellent coffee, and pastries as well as a meeting space for small groups, events, and classes. While their traditional offerings are always excellent, consider trying a golden milk latte if you feel like something exotic—made with turmeric and other spices, the beverage has a soothing warmth and earthiness.

As the weather gets colder, however, you might not want to get out of your car. That’s where the drive-thru location, Heavenly Grind, will best accommodate. Heavenly Grind features many coffee beverages that will warm you up, as well as homemade pastries.  Plus, their allergy-buster tea will get you through colds and days when you’re feeling low.

While Elevated Grounds has recently changed management, they continue to serve coffeehouse favorites as well as a new selection of Asian teas! Their primary offering is milk and bubble tea, but their selection of quality hot teas has expanded as well, including a traditional whisked matcha green tea. For the coffee-lover on the go, Elevated Grounds also has a drive-thru.

Finally, we have Elements, which is in some ways the newest and the oldest coffee shop of the bunch! Existing as the Bean & Berry at the Shawnee Mall for many years, the coffee shop re-branded itself to not only serve coffee and tea but also to sell men’s gifts like cigars and accessories. It makes for a perfect one-stop for holiday presents and toasty beverages!

Posted by Visit Shawnee on 10/12/2018

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