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03/22/2017 Arts & Culture

Local Art

When you think of Shawnee, Oklahoma a few adjectives might come to mind and likely none of them are “artsy.” Shawnee might not be home to a major art district but we do have a small, active hub of local artists and funky studios that will please enthusiasts of all ages.

We are known for being friendly here in Shawnee and that sentiment extends to our artists so stop and introduce yourself to one. The gallery owners here in town love to talk about art and would love to show you around their place and maybe even let you create your own masterpiece.

The best part is that most of the galleries can be found on Main Street so take a stroll through downtown Shawnee as you check out some of our local art.

Here are some of the places you should check out:

Local Shawnee Art Gallery: Studio 112 and a HalfStudio 112 ½

Studio 112 ½ is one of the most recent additions to Main Street. Not only does the studio feature a different emerging artist each month (they try to only book artists from Shawnee or the surrounding area) and host an opening reception for them but they also offer a creative workspace and encourage people to come out and create their own work of art. Artists of all ages and skill levels are welcome!

The Arts at 317

Also located on Main Street, The Art at 317 is a gathering place for a variety of artists including photographers, quilters, seamstresses, and others to display and sell their work. So stop by, take a look around, and chat with a local artist – they love to discuss their work.

The Ritz in the Evening Sun by Gene Beavers - on Display at Local Shawnee Art Studio: Broadway Arts Studio

Broadway Arts Gallery & Studio

In addition to selling work by local artists, Broadway Arts also offers several classes, including oil painting and water colors. If you are in town on the third Friday of the month then come take part in the monthly Downtown Block Party. Stop by Broadway Arts and check out art, meet the artists who created it, all while enjoying wine and live music.

Main Street Photography Studio & Gallery

Owned by a local photographer, Main Street Photography Studio & Gallery also houses work by local artists so stop by and check out the gallery. During block parties, Main Street Photography Studio & Gallery is a prime spot to peruse art, enjoy live entertainment, and take part in various activities happening there each month.

Horses in the City

If you have ever driven around Shawnee then you have probably noticed horse statues scattered around town. The public art project is modeled after the buffalo statues in Oklahoma City but Shawnee selected horses because they better represent the spirit of our town (we are home to the International Finals Youth Rodeo every July). There are nearly 30 horses in town so grab a friend and a list (which can be found on our website) and make an afternoon of it. Be sure to take at least a selfie or two!  

Posted by Visit Shawnee on 03/22/2017

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