Tips For Staying Healthy While Visiting Shawnee

08/25/2017 Attractions

“I need to get back on my diet!” Who hasn’t uttered some version of this phrase after returning from an indulgent vacation?  While it is absolutely 100% okay (and expected!)  to treat yourself on vacation, sometimes it is nice to stay in the routine of diet and exercise, even while traveling. This can be tricky, however, as dining out every meal can quickly add up in calories.

Fortunately, Shawnee offers some healthy food options and activities to keep you on track.

Airport Track

Whether you are a runner, walker, or cyclist, you can get your mileage in at Shawnee’s Airport Track. Approximately 3.21 miles around, the path circles the Shawnee Airport, offering an excellent view while you get in your cardio. There is also a workout station available that includes a chin up bar and a place to do sit ups.

Bonus: the Airport Track is home to the reflection park and pavilion (dedicated to Shawnee’s sister city, Nikaho, Japan) which offers a great place to cool down and meditate.

Blue Zones Project Pottawatomie County

Blue Zones Project has recently come to Shawnee, making it easier than ever to make healthy choices. The community initiative that seeks to improve citizens’ well-being by changing the built environment to encourage good choices. One part of the initiative encourages restaurants to become “Blue Zone certified.”  Restaurants that complete this certification make specific changes to their menu to offer healthier options in addition to what they already serve. The Owl Shoppe on Main Street was the first restaurant in Shawnee to get certified. In addition to the many yummy options they were already serving, they now include a black bean burger, veggie wrap, and wellness bowls. Blue Zones certified options are marked with a blue star!

While other restaurants in town are still working on certification, there are still plenty of healthy options to be found around town:

  • Acai Surf Bar – a new place in town that serves fresh fruit and yogurt. These delicious smoothie bowls make a great lunch or afternoon treat.
  • Daliyah’s Greek House – an authentic Greek and Mediterranean restaurant that uses fresh ingredients. The perfect place for a vegetarian too as they offer several meatless options.
  • The Lunch Box – a recent addition to Main Street, the Lunch Box offers an array of sandwiches, soups, and salads. It is the perfect light lunch to satisfy you without making you feel miserable.

Downtown Shawnee - Main Street MuralWalking Tour of Main Street

Why not do a little sightseeing and get your steps in at the same time? Sometimes the best way to sightsee is to get out of the car and take a walk. Shawnee’s Main Street is the perfect distance for a short walk and offers both shopping and dining options (including the Owl Shoppe).

Hotel Gyms

Staying active while traveling is made simple by hotels that offer fitness centers as an amenity. The following Shawnee hotels offer gyms/fitness centers:

  • Comfort Inn & Suites – 5400 Enterprise Ct. 405-273-8667
  • Hampton Inn – 4851 N. Kickapoo 405-275-1540
  • Holiday Inn – 4909 N. Union 405-275-8880
  • LaQuinta Inn – 5401 Enterprise Ct. 405-275-7930
  • Grand Casino & Resort – 777 Grand Casino Blvd. 405-964-7263

Staying healthy while on vacation is definitely tricky but with a little effort you can do it. Take advantage of the options that Shawnee offers and when you return home you will not regret your vacation. Make sure to treat yourself at least once or twice, though – it IS your vacation after all! 

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