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6 Romantic Things to do in Shawnee

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

It’s easy to get caught in a rut. Routines are good, but when work and obligations become your focus, it can be a struggle to find the balance for romance and a healthy relationship. Making time to play keeps things exciting, so “drab,” “boring,” and “tedious” don’t become words to describe your love life. Whether you’re a local or visiting Shawnee, there are many ways to kick your relationship up a notch.

1. Eat, Eat, Eat!

Enjoying each other’s company while having a good meal together doesn’t have to be expensive. Shawnee has restaurants of all types and price ranges. Fast food, casual sit-downs, buffets, formal dining — it’s all here. If you like sushi, visit the Soto Sushi Bar at the Grand Casino Hotel. Have a steak dinner at Paul’s Place or a pasta at Theopolis Social Club! Put your phone away, take a picnic to the park, and just enjoy being together.

2. Nature

When it comes to romance, few things compare with walking hand in hand through a park. Oklahoma’s native plants bring color and fragrance to area gardens while attracting bees, birds, and butterflies.

There are more than 36 parks in Shawnee — you’re sure to find one to enjoy. Bring a camera to capture crisp images of perennial flowers like phlox, coreopsis, catmint, and salvia. Hang up a hammock in Shawnee’s Woodland Park, or take a tour of the Nationally Certified Arboretum II on the Oklahoma Baptist University campus.

3. Painted Horses

You'll find more than three dozen painted horses in many colors and unusual designs all around Shawnee. These statues were hand-painted by a local artist to celebrate Oklahoma’s centennial year in 2007. Grab your significant other for some selfies in front of each horse. Make a game of it!

4. Entertainment

Video arcades, movies, bowling, roller skating, miniature golf… only a few of the things to do when you want to get away from the TV or computer screen.

Try to escape in record time at House of Hints. Head to the Shawnee Mall for some playtime at At the Pier arcade.

Shawnee Outdoors is an indoor shooting facility with certified instructors on staff. The facility has batting cages, an archery range, and other activities.

If you're looking for some fast action, Shawnee has five casinos for gaming, hospitality, and entertainment. Get off the couch and make some memories together!

5. Arts and Sports

Attending live performances gives you both a reason to dress up a bit and be social. Music, dance, theater … the city is a mecca of entertainment options.

Check out the Shawnee Little Theatre for locally produced high-quality live theatre. Ritz Theater hosts concerts, comedies, and even mediums -- something new nearly every weekend. OBU's Fine Arts program produces incredible presents comedies, musicals, and drama performances throughout the academic year.

6. Couple’s Massage

Flowers and candy are nice, but relaxing after a full body massage is an intimate way to spend an evening in your hotel room.

Book your self-care at The Grand Spa and come back to the room for a romantic dinner by candlelight. Add some quiet music, a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne and a warm blanket.

Romance isn’t something that happens automatically, especially in long-term relationships. You have to make the time for those special outings. Start planning and making memories today in Shawnee, OK!


Amira Hamdan is a traveler who loves to write, and a writer who loves to travel. Plunk her down in a new place and she will find the best local cuisine by noon and the best B&B by nightfall.


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