Brad Henry

Oklahoma's 26th Governor
In charting our course to the future, we are mindful of our path from the past. - Brad Henry
Charles Bradford "Brad" Henry (1963 - ) was born and raised in Shawnee to become Oklahoma's 26th Governor in 2002. Governor Henry was only the third governor at the time to be elected to two consecutive terms.
Henry was considered an underdog going into the election beating former US Congressman and NFL Hall of Famer, Steve Largent by 0.5% . He was re-elected in 2006 by a total higher than any gubernatorial candidate in 50 years, losing only three counties out of 77.
Henry ran as the "education governor." During his time at the top office, he oversaw implementing the state lottery for education, he strengthened laws against child sexual exploitation, and appointed Tom Colbert as the first African-American to serve on Oklahoma's Supreme Court.
Henry was followed by another Governor from Pottawatomie County, Mary Fallon from Tecumseh (just south of Shawnee on Hwy 177). Governor Fallon became Oklahoma's first female Governor.
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