Indian Blanket

1700 N Kickapoo, Shawnee, OK

Artist: Linda Dixon

Sponsor: Arvest Bank (no longer available)

Date: 2007

Linda Dixon pitched the design idea to the bank for a theme based on the state flower, Indian Blanket. It is a double entendre with the flower petals morphing into geometric Native American designs frequently seen woven into blankets. She chose a transparent Phthalo blue background as a compliment to the yellow, orange and red of the flowers. It was applied with a sprayer in order to achieve a grade from dark to light and to give the illusion of glowing from within. Dixon was going for an ethereal spirit animal look. The original design didn’t include any text, as she believes that art should exist for art sake. Unfortunately many of the businesses saw this a s an opportunity to plaster their logos on top of art and many of the artists caved to this demand. In the end, I offered to spell out Arvest with flower petals, though I feel that the design was better with out that element.