Centennial Celebration

16 W 9th, Shawnee, OK

Artist: Sheryl Cozad

Sponsor: Shawnee Centennial Committee

Date: 2008

This horse was commissioned by the City of Shawnee.  One side of the horse depicts two governors:  Gov. Charles Haskell from 1907 and Gov. Brad Henry from 2007.  On that side, a statehood celebration is depicted with many figures in early 20th clothing.  In addition, the historical train station is shown.  On the horse's other side, a centennial celebration parade is shown complete with approximately 27 portraits of Shawnee citizens riding on floats or riding cars or tractors in the balloon-filled parade.  Feathers and flags are included in the depiction.  This horse has sits in front of the Shawnee City Hall.