M&M Iris Garden

35405 Highway 9
Tecumseh, OK
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Tel: (405) 598-8438
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M&M is an award-winning iris farm in Tecumseh, Oklahoma.
We grow somewhere between 800 and 900 varieties of Bearded Iris, primarily Tall Bearded but with smaller numbers of SDB's, MDB's, MTB's, BB's and IB's. Our oldest iris dates to the early 1600's and the newest, currently, dates to 2020. In central Oklahoma, our peak bloom tends to be around the end of April/the first of May.
We generally have a relatively small, 200 or so, number of varieties in 6 inch pots, ready to be planted. You may also find iris blooming in the garden and if so, we will ask for a small down payment, take the order, and dig somewhere around the middle of June, when the iris begin to fall dormant. The balance will be due when you come to pick up the desired iris. All iris we sell in this manner will be washed, labeled as to name, and dipped in a chlorine solution to avoid any contamination by bacteria, fungi, or viruses.
We also grow a much smaller number of daylillies, maybe 80 or so, and will have some of these also potted up and ready to plant. The varieties of each, iris and daylillies, tend to change every year. We also tend to grow and pot up different things from around the garden, again something that changes every year.