McAlister's Deli

about renting

Sandwich trays tailored to feed the hungriest of crowds, pickiest of eaters, making them perfect for any event you have planned.

Explore the lighter side of catering with one of our fresh salads, handcrafted for your group and packed with the finest ingredients. Our salads are served in generous portions, meaning there's enough for everyone to get their fill of freshness.

Box lunches, breakfast sandwich platters, potato bars, soups and chilies await to feed your hungry crew.

4603 N Kickapoo Ave, Shawnee, OK 74804

(405) 273-3200

about the destination

Home of handcrafted sandwiches, fresh salads, giant spuds and Famous Sweet Tea.

At McAlister's Deli, we believe that every part of this great country makes something delicious worth sharing.

So when you walk through our doors, you'll be able to explore local favorites from New York to New Orleans to California to Savannah. We want to make it easy for you to experience the best of what's out there - in here.

Every regional favorite is handcrafted and made to order using fresh, high-quality ingredients. Better yet, we promise that every generous portion will be served with a smile as big as the one it'll leave on your face.