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Shawnee Mill's granary silos silhouetted on a blue, pink, and golden sunrise.



Designated as a Film-Friendly Community by the State of Oklahoma's Film & Music Office in summer 2021, Shawnee has been home to several productions already.

Our Film Office staff are experts on Shawnee's locale and can assist you in finding and booking your ideal shoot locations, catering services, lodgings, and more. 

Fiberglass horse sculpture painted with a Scissortail Flycatcher.

Filmed in Shawnee

Neon Cactus (2023)

The Joneses (TV Series 2022)

The Ritz (2022 Short Film)

Help Wanted (2022)

Out of Exile (2021)

The Hornbeck (filming 2021)

Play It Loud (4x Emmy award-winning series)

Back in the Saddle (2019)

Violet (2015)

Rough Cut (2014)

Yellow  (2012)

The Unusual Calling of Charlie Christmas (2012)

Charlie Christmas: Corndogs and Justice (2012)

Route 66 Zombie Apocalypses (2012)

Making Headlines (2011)

Fallen (2007)

The Cellar (2006)

The Chief (2006)

Anatomy of a Fraud: Catching a Con in Pottawattamie County (2006)

Looking for Hope (2005)

Oklahoma Tragedy (2001)

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Filmed in Shawnee
Ritz Theater in downtown Shawnee.

About Shawnee


Shawnee is an ironic and endearing mix of the old west and modern urban. It is home to a plethora of unique settings, from a century-old Catholic monastery to a state-of-the-art Indoor Shooting Range. We're home to two University Campuses, modern shopping developments, and a historic downtown. 

Our community boasts of a regional airport that accommodates private planes, and a dozen lodging options from gated RV parking to fine hotels. 

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About Shawnee



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Film Locations

Listings coming soon!

Find Shawnee's listings on the Oklahoma Film & Music Office's directory here. 

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