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Beard Cabin

614 E Main St, Shawnee, OK 74801, USA

(405) 275-8412

The Beard Cabin was built in 1891 by Etta Ray and her father, P.H. Ray using logs from the local area. When Miss Ray married in December 1891, she and her husband Henry Beard moved into this cabin. Built in a Northern style, it has sleeping quarters upstairs. This was the first home built in the new settlement of Shawnee.

It was built at the intersection of Kickapoo and Highland Streets. When the Beards later built a more lavish home, they kept this cabin for sentimental reasons. It was later moved to Woodland Park in Shawnee, where it stood until 1998 when a tornado damaged it. It was again moved, restored, and sits at its current location just south of the Milburn Center at 207 N Minnesota in the downtown area.

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