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Urban Trails in Shawnee, OK

Shawnee currently has four trails for residents and visitors alike to enjoy. All of Shawnee's trails are paved, free and open to the public. Leashed dogs are welcome on all trails.

Click a trail to skip to its map & details:


Airport Trail

Length: 3.21 miles (5K)

Trail type: Asphalt, divided path loop

Shawnee's premier trail for running, walking, and cycling, this 10-foot wide divided path circles Shawnee Regional Airport, passing three parks along its route -- Dean Weigant Park, Lion's Club Park, and Sister Cities Peace Garden -- as well as a mulched workout station.

A fun feature of this trail is the north leg, where the trail descends briefly underneath the runway of the airport through a lit tunnel! This trail is lit from dusk to dawn all the way around, so it is safe and permitted to run or bike at night.

An off-shoot path from the loop also goes west on MacArthur, allowing pedestrians to walk or bike to the OBU Green Campus (formerly St. Gregory's University), where there is a walking labyrinth, the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, and St. Gregory's Abbey. Click on the map above to see the route map larger.


Avedis Park Trail

Map of Avedis Park Trail

Length: 1 mile

Trail type: Concrete loop

This paved trail is located on Union Street beside and behind Shawnee Middle School, and is completely ADA accessible!

Located in Shawnee's newest park, this 1-mile figure eight trail loop starts at the tennis and basketball courts before winding down into a wooded area and creek, around the outdoor amphitheater, and back. There is some up and downhill in this trail, but it is even pavement throughout.

This park was a gift to the community from the Avedis Foundation.


Boy Scout Park Trail

Route Map of the Boy Scout Park Trail

Length: 0.5 mile

Trail type: Asphalt loop

This half-mile track winds through Boy Scout Park and is almost entirely shaded by mature trees, making it an ideal walking trail in the hotter months, especially if you stop off at the adjacent splash pad in the park!

The trail also includes a StoryWalk for the littles, featuring new stories seasonally thanks to the Pioneer Library System. This is the only trail with restrooms available.


Bryan Street Trail

Length: 2 mile

Trail type: Asphalt, divided path out-and-back

This asphalt divided-path trail follows a large stretch of Bryan Street, from MacArthur St to Highland St. It is two miles from beginning to end, four miles if walked out-and-back.

Looking for more outdoor adventures in Shawnee?

Want to know more about how Shawnee is building a healthier community? Learn more about the Avedis Foundation and their goal to measurably increase quality of life in Pottawatomie County:


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