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Geeks unite: Nerd Travel in Shawnee

Geeks Unite! Nerd travel is actually cool with geek tours and geeky travel destinations. While not DC with the Smithsonian Museums or San Francisco with the Yoda fountain at LucasFilm headquarters, Shawnee still offers plenty of fun for you and your co-geeks to unleash your inner nerds.

Bibliotech is Shawnee’s largest used bookstore. Of special note to geeks are the new and used comics. As the only comic bookstore in Shawnee, they take their job seriously to provide folks with vintage, rare, and collectible comics as well as back issues. The game is also on with their selection of entertaining board games, card games, and more. Find great gifts for friends including vintage collectibles, toys, and more.

Opened in 2023, The Guilded Grayland is a tabletop games shop where you can play games from a library of new and vintage games as well as purchase your next favorites, plus gaming events onsite and more.

Nerd out with the pirate, wizards, and heist themed escape rooms at House of Hints!

How about ancient Egyptian mummies? The Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art has one on display! There’s other Egyptian, Greek and Roman objects on display alongside traditional art and traveling exhibits.

No matter which Star Wars movie you like the best, there’s plenty to see in Shawnee.


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