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National Plan For Vacation Day - plan to visit Shawnee!

This year, we hope you plan to visit Shawnee and many other great destinations in Oklahoma! While you are here enjoy the arts, culture, outdoors, or one of our signature events, but most importantly, take advantage of the benefits—boosting morale, reducing stress, and preventing burn out—of planning for an unforgettable adventure.

That’s what National Plan For Vacation Day -- January 30, 2024 -- is all about.

“It is never too early to start planning a trip, and those days on the calendar are something we all can look forward to,” says Visit Shawnee Director Stacy Cramer-Moore.

Here are fun ways to kick-start your brainstorming:

1. Peruse the Plan page on

On the Plan page, we share helpful Blog posts, not-to-miss annual events, our newsletter, transportation and weather tips, and our social media links to stay up to date on what’s happening. It’s THE place to start.

2. Order the free Visit Shawnee Visitor’s Guide.

It’s all there – things to see, things to do, things to eat in Shawnee. We spotlight our painted horses and annual events. Order yours here. We’ll send it right to your door, or you can browse it online. (And did we mention it’s free?)

3. Stay in the loop with our newsletter.

Sign up for our weekly newsletter for more regular doses of inspiration: deals, upcoming events, and fun trip-planning fodder—like pet-friendly attractions, where the locals eat, and our interview with a mummy.

4. Follow us on social media.

Whether you’re on Facebook or a tweeter, we’ve got you covered on your favorite social media platform. Connect with us for daily inspiration. When you post or tweet, use #ShawneeOK so we can find you!

5. Plan a visit around the must-see annual events.

Hot air balloons. Rodeos. Car shows. Halloween. Yes, Halloween. You need to see how Shawnee does trick-or-treat! Find an annual event that excites you and plan your visit around the event leaving an extra day or two to discover more of Shawnee.

6. Make the most of a “nearcation.”

Want to stay close to home? There’s lots to see around Shawnee. Get a hotel room then day trip around Shawnee to see wild animals, Oklahoma history, Native American culture, art, and, well, we’re still not quite sure what this is!

Need more inspiration? Visit our Welcome Center at 2820 N Kickapoo Ave. With on-site experts on all things Shawnee as well as a library of Shawnee specific and statewide travel guides, we can help you find exactly what you're looking for.

No matter where this year takes you, find undeniable joy in the process of planning. Celebrate National Plan For Vacation Day, January 31st, and be inspired to visit Shawnee and Oklahoma!


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