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Ride a model train with LOCO!

The Locomotive Operators of Central Oklahoma (LOCO) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promotion and enjoyment of large (1/8th, to be exact!) scale model railroading.

Their rail is located just off of Shawnee's Twin Lakes and is open once a month for public rides, and can also be booked for parties of all kinds.

Open to the public (no reservation needed!) on the first Sunday of every month, from 1 - 4 pm, as well as special events like Train Rides with Santa in December of each year.


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Quintan Barnes
Quintan Barnes
01 de jun.

Great article! Riding model trains with LOCO sounds like an incredible experience for both kids and adults. For those who enjoy working on projects and building things, it reminds me of a different kind of hobby – restoring cars. If you're into DIY projects and looking for a new challenge, you should check out the salvage cars on They have a fantastic selection of Infiniti I35 models that could be a fun restoration project, much like building and maintaining model trains. Happy tinkering!

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