• Erica Bass

Top 5 Selfie Stops in Shawnee, OK

Looking for a place to get the perfect selfie or photo? Then you’ve come to the right place! Shawnee, Oklahoma is home to an impressive number of scenic views and fun places to get lost. Let Visit Shawnee help you get lost in the right places—especially places where you can get that Insta-worthy pic for your timeline.

The painted horses all throughout Shawnee are an easy stop you can make almost anywhere in town. The project was started by former Shawnee mayor Chuck Mills in correspondence with the Oklahoma State Centennial, and new painted horses are popping up even today! Pick your favorite and go grab a photo. We would ask you to be mindful of the horses, and not to climb on top of or strike them while taking photos. They’re more fragile than they look!

There are several bison statues on OBU’s campus, like the painted bison at Peitz Plaza or the nail sculptures at the corner of Kickapoo and MacArthur. Being OBU’s mascot, the bison is also emblematic of the area in town known as Bison Hill, a place where the bison roamed and ranged historically. Keep an eye out at sporting events—you may even be able to score a selfie with “Shaz”, the OBU Bison mascot!

The chainsaw sculpture at the Pottawatomie County Museum strikes an imposing visage over the Santa Fe Depot and the new Paul and Ann Milburn Center, which is currently under construction. Carved from a tree trunk, the sculpture features eagle feathers, a cabin, and a rearing bear. The sculpture’s subjects demonstrate the storied cultural history of the Shawnee area; for instance, each eagle feather represents one of the American Indian tribes who have historically made their home here.

Of course, it would be a mistake not to include the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art on our list. The potential here for a great selfie is endless. Capture a photo with Oklahoma’s only ancient Egyptian mummies, or the strikingly life-like, life-size painting of Pope Pius X. But please—remain respectful of the art and artifacts and do your best to not accidentally touch them!

Want to get a great photo while you’re out shopping? Then you should check out the Shawnee Snaps wall at the Shawnee Mall. Located at Center Court next to JCPenney. The scene changes seasonally so guests stop in year-round to show off a new look on Instagram. Make sure you use the hashtag #shawneemallsnaps, because you never know when a prize might be given away!

That should give you somewhere to start! There are plenty of other places to go hunting for a photo opp. See our full list of selfie stops here or check out our website and visitor guide for even more ideas. Think outside the box, and tag your photos with #VisitShawneeOK so we can share them with all of our followers.