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UPDATED: Everything You Need to Know about Shawnee Twin Lakes

Shawnee's Twin Lakes Reservoir is located on South Deer Creek in Pottawatomie County, just 1 mile south of Grand Casino / I-40. Between the two lakes, you can boat, fish, ski, swim, hunt, and camp!

Whether you need a fishing permit or you're planning to camp, consider this your resource for all the info on finding your adventure at Twin Lakes.

A map of the lakes
Shawnee Lakes Map

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Parks at Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes features two multi-use parks, which are open daily from 7 am - 9 pm.

Isaac Walton Park, established after the opening of Lake 1 in 1935, has a pavilion, 15 camp sites, 8 picnic areas with grills, swimming, restrooms, lighting, and parking.

Glenn Collins Park (formerly called "Stonehenge") was developed by city crews, and is located between the two dams with a pavilion, picnic areas with grills, swimming, restrooms, lighting and parking. To reserve one of the covered pavilions, contact the Shawnee Parks Department at (405) 273-1960, or reserve it online here!



Fishing (according to the State of Oklahoma's fishing regulations) is allowed on both lakes, and a City of Shawnee fishing permit is required for anyone under 65. Juglines are permitted on Lake 2 only. Click the button below and then select the blue Shawnee Lakes tab to purchase your fishing permit online.

If you'd like to host an event on the lake such as a fishing tournament, there is a special event permit for that which you can apply for online at



Shawnee Twin Lakes has two designated swimming areas located on Shawnee Lake 1. Swimming is only allowed in Lake 1 from 7 am - 9 pm, and is free of charge.

All children 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult before entering a swimming area; all children 8 and younger must wear a regulation life preserver when in the wat


Boating and Skiing

Motorized boating is allowed on both lakes, while skiing, tubing, and personal watercrafts are allowed on Shawnee Lake #1 only. All of these activities require a boating permit, which you can obtain by using the button below. Kayaks and canoes are allowed on both lakes and do not require a permit at this time (6/8/2022).



There are 15 designated primitive campsites located at Isaac Walton Park at the dead end of Lake Rd. Camping is limited to a maximum of 7 days. Campsites may hold up to 2 tents each. No reservations; first come, first serve. Occupy the site, then pay online at the link below, or use the onsite cash envelopes and drop box.

These campsites and the restrooms onsite are not open all year (primarily they are closed in the winter). Call (405) 273-1960 for more information.



Hunting is permitted within these boundaries on Lake 2 only, and a City of Shawnee permit is required for anyone under the age of 65. Hunting of deer, turkey, and geese is prohibited.


History of Shawnee Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes is a municipal reservoir owned and operated by the City of Shawnee! Lake #1 was built in 1935, covers a surface area of 1,336 acres and has 16 miles of shoreline. Lake #2 was built in 1960, has a surface area of 1,100 acres and 9 miles of shoreline. The lakes are connected by a 10-foot-deep canal constructed in 1962.


Zebra Mussels Information

Unfortunately, in April of 2022 it was confirmed that Zebra Mussels had gained a foothold in Shawnee's Twin Lakes Reservoir. Read more about Shawnee's response to zebra mussels in Twin Lakes here.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife recommends draining all bilge water, live wells, and bait buckets before leaving the lake, scrape off any zebra mussels or aquatic vegetation found on watercraft, and dry the boat for at least a week before entering another waterway. These precautions help stifle the spread of this invasive species.

We appreciate your help in stopping the spread of zebra mussels.


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Sam Dillard
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